In the end, the rules that constrict us set us free.


(Ouvroir de Vins potentiels)

The OUVIPO philosophy (Ouvroir de Vins potentiels) Making wines by honoring natural and self-imposed constraints.

We are a movement of (mainly) French winemakers and wine-enthusiasts, who seek to create or explore wines embracing constraints but adopting new approaches to wines within those constraints, embracing those constraints to germinate ideas and inspiration, seeking new expression and methods to explore the potential of grapes and terroir.

As part of OUVIPO, we aim to celebrate the craft of winemaking, while staying playful and inclusive.

We create, challenge, and inspire.

OUVIPO is a community for winemakers who have adopted this philosophy to expand possibilities and to explore the future of wines and winemaking itself. 

OUVIPO was founded on 24 November, 2020, sixty years after the vanguard group of french writers founded Oulipo, (Ouvroir de littérature potentielle). This literary movement was a loose gathering of, again mainly French-speaking, writers and mathematicians who sought to create works using constrained writing techniques. Constraints were used as a means of triggering ideas and inspiration. While using established techniques, such as lipograms and palindromes, the group also devises new methods of writing.

Less is more

Grown, vinified & bottled on our vineyard, by our hands

Constraints and challenge are the catalyst for creation

Expressing of the past & welcoming of the future

The rules that constrict us, set us free

Respect for the Earth